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Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2002
Bicycle chains. Gear shift. Cleaning toilets. Dirty sidewalk. Cat puke. Layers of dust. Wet leaves under foot. Bus exhaust. Exposed hairy beer-belly. Just the sandwich, please. Newspapers. Dirty, happy, high-as-a-kite hippies. Movie theater marquee. Camera. Microphones. Cables. Lights. Extension cords. Halogen bulbs. Leather gloves. Brown carpet. Elevator lift. Lingering cigarette smoke. Library steps. Don't miss the train. Hanging bicycles. Newspapers. No new McDonald's. Where am I? Brick architecture. Life magazine. Cameron's Books. Don't Walk. Walk. Fourth floor. Take the stairs. Nobody home. Walking in the rain. She's got a mustache! Chess on the street. Don't have any change. Where's the car? Up the stairs. Where's the car. Down the stairs. Where the fuck is the car? Cat food. Corn chips. Can of chili. Can of Chilie = dirt. Heh. Sandwich. Newspaper. Lemon water. Vanity Fair. Uh, oh. Victoria's secret. Dammit. Tiffany's thong.


Carberrator. Wingnut. Plyers. Hammer. eMail. Mud puddle. Rain drops. Phone Book. Dial tone. Geek Love. Windshield wipers. Autograph. Fertilizer. Mulch. Wrapping paper. Tape, scotch. Newspaper. Bus stop. Change. Black folks. White folks. Brown folks. Drinking fountain. Elevator stuck. Hiking stairs. eMail address. Birthday party. Shop talk. I'm on my own. Do my job. Zupan's. QFC. Unions. Not a joke. Stand on the bus. Gentrification. Night's walk in the rain. No messages. Check eMail. Compose eMail. Take charge. Send eMail. Got enough gas? Red light. Pretty jogger on the corner. Jogging in place. Nice tights. Stop it. Great butt. Knockitoff! Tiff's bare ass.


VCR. DVD. NTSC. PAL. HDTV. 5.1. Megabytes. Gigabytes. Terabytes. 128. 256. 512. 1024. Windows XP. ME. OHP. No! West Wing. Josh, Toby, Charlie. Stockard. Stop it! Legs. Aargh! C.J. Dammit! BJ! Fer fuckssake!

I don't know if I can keep this up until Friday.

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