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monday, july 22 - i've been doing this alot lately, and since I'm supposed to be doing something else, this will be just a short one. Quick and dirty.

Here's some good news: I've been invited to participate on two new productions. One starting in September, the other in October. The former is a project with the crew, as I call them (although it's not very pithy, is it?); those meddling kids who bug you in the mall for your opinion on something as rediculous as a movie preview. Yes, this is my weekend job. I have become one of those assholes who take surveys in the mall. But it pays well.

The real reason I'm doing it is because the people who manage the office venture out on there own to make short video movies for later fame and glory. With Sean sitting around with a joystick up his butt, I needed to find other people who were doing what I want to be doing. Doesn't matter on what level they work, I want to be around these people. So I took the job. So far the plan is to camp out in the desert and shoot this thing. I've yet to see a script, but I know it's a sequel to a psycho-killer sock short they did a few years ago. Um, yeah. Should be fun.

The other gig is an on-going thing which has got me much more excited. And I shouldn't be too harsh on Sean (we talked a few times) because this one actually came through him. Greg has been co-producing a regular cable access show for a few years. I've been on set a few times. It's a cool little project. Except their regualr tech guy is creating personality conflicts. (I have to say this: it takes him six fucking hours to light a small bar/lounge-type area. Hence, some mild conflict) Well, they've ask this guy not to come back and asked me to come aboard.

Wa-hoo!! We'll see how it turns out.

There's a tidbit of news. Now, before I get busted, I'll sign off.

wednesday, july 24 — why waste a whole new page on the same thing?

So I was giving Jarred a ride home after another satisfying day taking surveys at the mall. I mentioned this other project I was invited to work on, the cable access show. As a video DP with his own production company, Jarred works with the Crew in many capacities. I first met him on a shoot in a cramped condo about 14 months ago. Then he turned up again in the survey office.

He told me one of the other guys works at the cable access station at which I'm supposed to be getting my producer's license for this other gig.

Now, here's the thing: I don't know how much I should talk about what I'm doing on this other gig, because I don't know who's toes I'm going to be stepping on if I say too much. I've been told I have a tendency to, shall we say, over-express. But it is Greg's show. As far as I know he made the call to show the guy the door, even if he didn't do the explaining himself. But there's a lotta hurt feelings there, and for me to walk into cable access and tell everyoe I'm Greg's new guy would be rude and potentially isolating.

You'll have to pardon my lack of pithiness today. I'm just not feeling very clever.

Anyhoo, so I know a guy at the cable access. I've asked him if he'd meet with me at the station, hoping to get a waiver for all the bullshit orientation. I've been there; I've done that. I know which end of the camera to point. What I really want to do is get some early practice in so I'm all up to speed when the show tapes. Yes I have ideas.

One of them is to cut images of Portland at all times of the day to a drum beat which I want my brother to record. I thought about Gershwin, but it seemed too cliché. My brother and his band are getting back together to write some new stuff, so I figured this would be a good thing to bring to him if he's already getting in the mood. I'm sensing some videos out there in the foreseeable future.

Okay, not much else to say. But I thought I'd put up some fodder. Hope y'all felt like you got your money's worth.

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