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The Test Goes On

Saturday, November 17 - I'm in town this weekend, mostly for the break between projects. Also to wrangle a camera from Sean. We've spoken over the phone twice since I arrived yesterday, and he never mentioned my eMail about using his camera. Tonight we're going to see Harry Potter. I am feeling, like many other adults feel towards their indulgence in this phenomenon, a bit silly. Though not because I am paying money that I don't really have to go see a "kids" movie. But because I'm going to see a movie that is cashing in on the lastest craze. In a cineplex, no less! (I'm suprised Sean hasn't already seen it; his outfit usually sends him to screen the kid stuff. That may be a sign...)

I suppose I could say I'm only going to see it to spend time with Sean, and yes, Erin, too. Though the real reason is to get a clue as to what this Harry Potter business is all about.

In the theater on Thursday, I was installing a light-control board with Matt, the huge, burley assistant tech director, and Ann, the deceptively quiet dragoness whom I'd recruited to run the lights during our presentation.

Somehow the subject of the series of Harry Potter books came up. Matt said he had the same initial reaction to what I refer to as The Craze. His feelings were, if it's that popular, it can't possibly be that good. Now he's dying to get his hands on the fourth book.

Jane was the same. Some of her peers pressured her into reading just one to see what it was like. Like a crack-head, she stayed up almost a week straight to finish it.

If I like this movie, which I think I might, then I may pick up Lord of the Rings before that movie premieres in December. If I'm honest with myself, I know I won't finish it before I give in to see the movie; but I'd like to make the effort, if only to give full appreciation to Tolkein.

I have to run now. To be continued....

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